Pioneer Works Supper Club
to Oct 6

Pioneer Works Supper Club

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Join Joint Venture, Arley Marks of Honey's, and artist Emma McCormick-Goodhart for a collaborative experiential supper and cocktails. For this edition of the Supper Club series, the Pioneer Works Garden will metamorphose into an acoustic, visual, tactile, olfactory, and gustative enviro-installation, an alchemical milieu to be sensed with.

Expect a ritual handwash as drinks flow from a cocktail fountain woven by Marks in collaboration with Saipua from flowers, foliage, and stems, in echo of the garden’s own ecology. An outdoor dinner will follow, prepared over open fire with ingredients, both edible and audible, from forages and field recordings made around upstate New York and Long Island throughout late summer and early fall. Ingredients will be variously cured, fermented, and fresh, in playful movement across the fermentation spectrum.

An acoustic soundscape will be mixed live in situ, as well as broadcast on radio, musicking the dinner as it unfolds. Nitemind will create a soft, skywritten aerial enclosure with light: a visual “ceiling” through which incense and cooking fires pass and illuminate.


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Sunday School: Herbal Smokers 101
1:00 PM13:00

Sunday School: Herbal Smokers 101

Joint Venture is participating in Enlightenment Wines Meadery’s summer workshop series, Sunday School. Along with Arley Marks of Honey’s we are teaching a three-hour smoking workshop. Students will build a smoker, learn to build a sidewalk cooking fire, and, prepare smoked fish and herbs for a meal and smoked cocktails. 

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Cambodian Picnic
5:00 PM17:00

Cambodian Picnic

Join us for a family BBQ to celebrate the resilience and heritage of Cambodian culture! Come for traditional family recipes over an open fire and stay for Bovina summer fun. $15 gets you a plate (sliding scale offered) and overnight camping at the Sweep is available and free of charge. Bring your friends and your bathing suit. No reservation needed, just show up

4pm-late @ The Sweep

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Dinner at the Church: JV // Santé MF // San Damiano Mission
7:15 PM19:15

Dinner at the Church: JV // Santé MF // San Damiano Mission

A holy dinner & collaboration between Santé MF and Joint Venture at the San Damiano Catholic Church. 

aperitif at The Lot Radio // natural wines and a family meal amongst the pews
music and wines all night from Santé MF // holy spirit all night by San Domiano Mission

Limited Tickets Available Here

Santé MF is a roaming DJ and wine party in NYC and beyond.

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JV x Pocoapoco
to Apr 1

JV x Pocoapoco

La Comida: A Pocoapoco Residency in Oaxaca with Joint Venture and Anna Dunn
March 27- April 1, 2018

This five day residency takes a closer look at the MEAL (LA COMIDA), breaking down and examining elements of community and land that come together to create a meal, along with the unique connections and intrinsic knowledge accessed through the acts of cooking, eating, and conversation.

Day 1 Basics
corn beans squash agave, introductions

Day 2 Balancing
salty sweet bitter sour spicy 

Day 3 Materials & Tools
fire metate clay

Day 4 Healing
herbs agave fermentation

Day 5 Celebrating
community collaboration beauty

Sign up HERE. 


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Chef in Residence at Food Hub Project in Kamiyama, Japan
to Feb 14

Chef in Residence at Food Hub Project in Kamiyama, Japan

We are excited to be involved in the chef in residence program for three weeks this January-February as a participating chef, artist and farmer at the Food Hub Project in Kamiyama, Japan.

In addition to the artist in residence program, which has continued for twenty years in Kamiyama, the Food Hub Project is now launching a new chef in residence program with the focus being around "Small Food Politics" as part of their "Farm Local, Eat Local" initiative.

"Our agricultural company, Food Hub Project, is located in Kamiyama City which is situated in the hilly and mountainous area of Tokushima Prefecture, abundant in nature with a population of 5,300. However, with the population decline, the average age of our local farmers have reached over 70 years old and we are in a situation where we need to find new farmers in order to keep our farmlands 'alive' and pass down our local food culture. 

With this in mind, we started the 'Farm Local, Eat Local' project where we pass on the local farming culture to the next generation and encourage a collaboration with local farmers and chefs. 

By focusing on a local scale of "small food politics", we aim to bring together global, community-driven ideas, working with chefs to produce artistic, delicious and wholly seasonal food to every table. 

Chefs in residence will be asked to work with "small food politics" in mind throughout their residency by learning the various, local dishes and visiting the sites of farmers and others involved in the Kamiyama food culture. Chefs will be asked to get a hands on feel of the local food scene through culinary immersion and research. 

During the residency, chefs will create menus, packaged goods, and processes that use local, seasonal ingredients to create their own version of Kamiyama 'art'. ".

More information on the project can be found on the Food Hub Project site and here


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