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consulting and workshops


Elisa Ristorante & Bar

Barga Italy - March 2019 

Joint Venture advised on and participated in restaurant demolition, restaurant and kitchen design, sourcing purveyors, foraging and identifying plants, menu building and recipe testing .

Farm Camp

A collaborative workshop with LDBA Brooklyn, Upstate New York

Farm Camp is an annual workshop hosted by LDBA Brooklyn that teaches young children wilderness and wellness skills. Each year Joint Venture provides local food for the camp, prepares all meals, and teaches cooking, farming, and foraging workshops.

La Comida

A collaboration between JV X Pocoapoco and Anna Dunn, Oaxaca City, March 2017


La Comida was a curated workshop in Oaxaca City, Mexico on “the meal.” With our collaborators we extended an open invitation to join us for a week of exploration. Over that week, Joint Venture travelled Oaxaca City and surrounding towns by venturing into homes, learning traditional recipes, and integrating into everyday Mexican life and ritual. At the end of each day Joint Venture would host a meal for all of our guests that borrowed elements of each experience and brought them to the table. We completed our week in a final dinner spent in a garden. The many wonderful people who had hosted and taught us joined our group at the table. Our conversations explored the local conception of a table and the complex and rich history of Mexico. Through the food we served and the table we set we aimed to capture the vibrant essence of our surroundings and internalize our many lessons in ritual, food, dance, ceramics, and healing.

Eco- Village Rancho Santana

Nicaragua, November 2017

  • Joint Venture functioned as chef consultation

  • Opened a restaurant on Rancho Santana‘s property

  • Created overall culinary strategy 

  • Taught and instituted food safety practices

  • Built menus for multiple existing restaurants that utilized the surrounding natural resources

For more information contact us at jointventurenyc@gmail.com